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Day 27- How Do We Explain This Kind of Cruelty?

**WARNING** This post contains graphic details. It’s a story that will once again bring up the dark side of American History and the horribly gruesome slaughter of a (9 months) pregnant, married and mother of two woman named Mary Turner. Here is how it all began… From May 17 through May 22, 1918, two counties …

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Day 25- Seneca Village Was Destroyed to Make Way for the Wealthy’s Nice Playground

In the mid 19th century, New York decided a park was needed to appease the needs of a largely affluent group of people that were in need of a “fashionable and safe public place” for their families.  So in 1855, the city chose Seneca Village, a stretch of land along the Hudson River located between 82nd …

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Day 23 – Tracy Norman, First Black Transgender Model

Today’s black history post has to do with a different kind of “passing”. Welcome to Day 23! Born a male in the 50’s, transitioned into a woman during the 70’s, and became a successful model until being outed during a photo shoot in 1980, bringing her career to a halt.  Tracy Gayle Norman was born a …

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Day 22 – Passing Privilege

Passing is classified as a member of one racial group being accepted as a member of a different racial group and usually applies to a person of color or multiracial ancestry.  Think Nicole Richie, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Soledad O’Brien, or Rachel Dolezal.  Okay, maybe not that last one but you get the picture. Welcome to …

Charisma Speaks!

Day 20- Revolutionary Poet, Musician, Rapper, and Activist. Gil Scott-Heron

Welcome to Day 20! I tried a little something different for today’s post honoring the late Gil Scott-Heron but the music rights (“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”) muted the background music, so a slideshow it is. Enjoy this little montage telling you a little about a man who wrote poetry and music about his …

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