Women’s History Month

Welcome to Day 1!

As I close the books on Black History Month and transition to Women’s History Month please be warned – sometimes it may seem as if the two have become one.  Some of these posts will relate to the inequalities experience any some who are considered double minorities – being black and a woman.


That was the year when the struggle for women’s voting rights changed with the passing of the 19th Amendment. This was an amazing achievement that was dubbed the suffrage movement but there’s one thing.  These rights didn’t apply to all women and black women were primarily left out of the cause and movement, so they had to handle things on their own.  They had to wait a little longer.

Over 40 years later to get those same rights as the other women which didn’t happen until the Voting Rights Act 1965 had been passed.

Never forget the struggles for equality past and present.





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