Shudu – The Creation of a Beautiful Model

As much as I wanted to do a follow up series for Women’s History Month like I did for Black History, neither the passion nor the interest is there.  This isn’t to say that being a woman isn’t as important but I guess it’s safe to say my identity is with my ethnicity first and gender second.  Does that make sense?  If not, maybe you’ll get it later.

I’m using the caption “What are ya’ll mad about today” because it is so fitting because more and more I find myself asking what are my brothers and sisters mad about now.  Just a few weeks ago it was the haters and bashers due to the overwhelming support of one of the best Marvel movies to date, Black Panther.  You know how I feel about the sentiments that those who wanted to celebrate this historic movie by dressing up in African dashikis, all black with berets or any other attire were considered confused and not “woke”.

So now I came across an article published by Naturally Moi about this latest controversy and complaints by blacks over a model named Shudu.

Shudu is remarkable beautiful with a complexion as smooth and creamy as the finest dark chocolate and she’s gaining momentum on Instagram with over 58,000 followers as of the time of this writing.  Okay, beautiful black model and what’s the problem?

“Shudu is my creation, my art piece that I am working on at the moment…”

Well… folks are in their feelings all over social media because Shudu is literally a figment of imagination.  She isn’t a real model and instead, is the 3D creation of a young London-based photographer named Cameron-James Wilson who says “Shudu represents what I’ve always seen as beautiful…”.

The  contention of the blacks complaining is that by Wilson is “taking jobs away” from real black women by creating this digital model.  Seriously people? If he paints a perfect horse is he taking away all of the business from carriage rides and if he designs and paints the perfect house is he dipping into the trade of an architect?

When the movie Simone was created and we saw Al Pacino losing his mind over this perfectly designed woman, do you think people were complaining that the job should have been given to a real woman?  And for goodness sake, we have dolls being created for “pleasure” being produced and you want to complain about an Instagram model?

It’s art and the man can create whatever he wants, as beautiful or as flawed as he wants and I think she is amazingly beautiful.

Sometimes I think we need to take a few steps back and really pick our battles.  This shouldn’t be one of them.



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