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Love to Travel? Think Big, Plan Smartly


People who aren’t able to take vacations are cheating themselves and those who don’t even make the effort to plan at least one major getaway in a lifetime are missing out on so many things out there to see and experience.  While finances and of course the time to get away are the two largest obstacles for why some of my friends and acquaintances can do nothing more than a weekend trip to Las Vegas, but do you know what I think the main problem is?

Lack of planning.

How much are you spending for that four hour drive down the 15 freeway in gas or that ticket price for the 45 minute plane ride, along with your hotel stay for a minimum of 2 nights, your food and of course – money for gambling expenses?

Let’s not forget about the ladies who are disillusioned into thinking the best outlet bargains can be found on the way to sin city or when leaving at that blah town of Barstow?

Even for what is often thought of as a quick weekend getaway, it all adds up but with a little creativity you can surely get more bang for your buck traveling to a place where you actually like going outside in the daytime.

Punta Cana, Domincan Republic (2012)

With a vision and a bit of planning, you  can really go the distance to escape from the daily grind.

In the last several years alone, my destinations have included beautiful hot spots such as Montego Bay, Jamaica and further east to the Dominican Republic.  I don’t know about the long-term goals set by anyone else, but my 5-year plan calls for me adding as many stamps on that passport of mine as possible.  The next destination will include four different countries in Europe and to say that I’m excited is a bit of an understatement!

Don’t cheat yourself into thinking that a major vacation isn’t possible;  think big and plan smartly.

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