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Panel Speaker - Long Beach City College

Charisma has been skillfully representing the human side of leadership & speaking for more than a decade as a workshop facilitator, emcee/host, public speaker and most recently, a dating and relationship coach.

She believes the only way people and business can succeed is by facing their fears and learning to become comfortable with what makes us uncomfortable.

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Services Provided:

  • Event host
  • Panel Speaker
  • Moderator
  • Wedding reception emcee
  • Online dating coach
  • Speech contest judging
  • Youth leadership training

 I’ve Enjoyed Speaking At:

  • Women’s Health & Wealth Expo
  • Long Beach City College
  • American Association of University Women, Bridges to Tomorrow
  • Phenomenal Girls Mother-Daughter Breakfast
  • National Society of Black Engineers (Speak Your Fire Competition)
  • Working Wardrobes Professional Image Workshop
  • Dominguez High School (Career Day)
  • California State University Fullerton (Public Relations Student Society of America)
  • Rio Hondo College (Toastmasters L.A.C.E. Conference)

Speaking Topics:

Evaluate to Motivate: Learn how to ease the pain that is usually associated with providing feedback. More »
5 Ways to Ruin Your Credit In College: Let’s explore the credit trap and how having “good”credit can be the path to “bad” credit. More »
Surviving Online Dating: Most people hate it or even dread one of the most popular ways singles are meeting.  This discussion covers the basics of managing expectations, Internet safety profile set up. More »
Rise Above The Anger – When You’re the Only Parent: There is the two-parent household with the full support, the single-parent household where there is some help and then there are the only parents. This talk and workshop involves an unfiltered look at the growing instances of parents going it alone. More »
7 Tips for Effective Public Speaking: It is said that most people fear public speaking as much as they do death.  Let’s change that and help you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. More »


“Charisma was invited to give a keynote address at the annual employee’s team building luncheon.  She was so lively and helped us in achieving one of the best turnouts ever due to word of mouth from attendees of her prior events.”– Kim Jones, Administrative Assistant

“Great information. Charisma is so knowledgeable and answers questions really well.” – Genie Owens, business owner


“Charisma is very knowledgeable, personable and also patient with questions! She is able to address all levels of expertise. Her talk covered a range of information and provided specifics not just general scope (which is rare). The hands on style made it effective and useful.” – Jennifer Unnan, workshop attendee

What a great experience.  Charisma you made me feel as if I could handle anything and I truly appreciate your down-to-earth spirit.  I was so excited to have shared what I learned the very next day.” – Tyreena Lyons




“One of the BEST career days I’ve ever experienced.  Charisma was a lot of fun and had high energy I don’t really see during these events. I learned so much. ” – Anthony, student helper

Charisma Justis’ Bio

Longer Bio:

Charisma Justis is an experienced public speaker, emcee and Consultant who is passionate about helping people understand and leverage the power of communication to actually improve their lives and build their business.

She has spoken on various stages, both big and small, for more than a decade and prides herself in being able to skillfully represent the human side of speaking, a talent missing from many corporations today.  She offers a unique combination of “that no excuses, just do it” mentality along with a little humor which allows her to really connect with her audiences.

Within this communication and leadership organization, she learned the importance of eliminating the “noise” during presentations, the importance of timing and speaking with conviction no matter what the topic.

Charisma fully understands the mechanics necessary to engage an audience and empower them for a great end result and began her public speaking adventure over 20 years ago after being dragged to a lunchtime Toastmasters club that was presented as “a fun group to speak in front of”.

From the Toastmasters club experience, Charisma began participating in a multitude of speech contests and quickly transitioned into youth leadership workshops, panel presentations and dating and relationship coaching.

Her confidence, enthusiasm and powerful authenticity leaves her audiences feeling inspired, but the key concept that resonates with her the most? The need for people to get comfortable with what makes them uncomfortable.

So whether it involves discomfort with public speaking, resolving a workplace dispute, trying to understand the entitled child, or navigating through the confusion of the dating world, Charisma teaches us that growth comes with stepping out of these comfort zones.

Learn more about Charisma Justis by visiting her blog at

3 Sentence Bio:

Charisma Justis is an experienced public speaker, emcee and Consultant who is passionate about helping people understand and leverage the power of communication to actually improve their lives and build their business.  Skillfully representing the human side of leadership & speaking, a talent missing from many corporations today, she offers a unique combination of relationship and leadership skills allowing her to connect directly to what drives & motivates individuals.


Charisma Justis is a dynamic speaker.  Hire her and you’ll soon find out why.


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