Celebrating the Shortest Month of the Year – Black History in 28 Days

Welcome to Day 1!

What was the first thing that came to mind when you saw this cover photo?  Was is surprise or disappointment? Anger or embarrassment or were you like me and wondered how this person’s story ended.

I’m kicking off Black History Month differently because I feel like too many are questioning if it’s even needed. It may be a little too watered down, right?

Think about it.

Some of us (blacks) only want to share the “good” part of our history. The pretty photos, the famous leaders and inventors. The first black man that did this and the first black woman who did this.  But what about the other “stuff”?  The not-so-pretty, the real nitty gritty because after all, it IS part of black history, right?

I started not to share this post because I thought the image may be a bit too much. Then I saw a video clip from years back with Morgan Freeman explaining why he doesn’t make a big deal about BBM.  “You’re going to relegate my history to a month?”

Freeman had a good point.

Others may feel this way and I agree, your heritage no matter what it is should ALWAYS be celebrated.  But… I will take the “highlighted” month.  Even if it is the shortest of the twelve.

And I will share all of black history- the good, the pretty and everything else in between.


(Featured Image credit: @Harriet1913)




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