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Raheem DeVaughn – The Need for More Neo-Soul

During my drive in this morning, there were two different songs that got me to thinking about how the mainstream prefers derogatory vs positive and uplifting.  Beyonce’s “Sorry” has come on the radio a few times, but I never really listened to the lyrics until now and asked myself WHY was song so ridiculously popular among women chanting:

Sorry, I ain’t sorry
Sorry, I ain’t sorry
I ain’t sorry, ni**a, nah
I ain’t thinking ’bout you

My reaction included everything from “Wait, what?” to “She sounds ratchet” and “This is what the masses love to hear, huh?”

I can only stomach local radio stations for about half a second anyway, so I switched back to my playlist and tuned into one of the Neo-Soul stations and the first song that came on was “Queen” by Raheem DeVaughn.

Talk about a breathtaking switch from most of the garbage fighting with my ears today.  Simple lyrics but the message behind the song is just amazing and had me feeling beautiful and appreciated.

You’re a nurturer and a superwoman
You’re every daughter that becomes a mother
And you can be my rock to the highest mountain top
From my heart to my toes, to cherish, love and hold

You’re my queen, queen, queen, queen

Just to think that there are so many artists out there whose songs will never reach the mainstream yet still, it’s nice to know they are still making good music for people like me.


Sometimes we need a little less of the negativity and more of the positive vibes from Neo-Soul and R&B crooners like Raheem.

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