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Sometimes a good deal isn’t necessarily a good deal, which is what I found out after trying several pairs of shoes from JustFab.

If you haven’t heard of them, here’s a brief description of what they’re selling:

JustFab is a subscription shopping site that charges $39.95 per month in exchange for the item of the month. Items typically include shoes, handbags, jewelry and jeans. To avoid being charged the monthly fee, you must notify them by the 5th of each month…

Afters years of ignoring the online adds and noticing a few friends rocking a cute pair of pumps here and there, I decided to take a gamble and try them out and lost.

The good part about JustFab is the price, especially for introductory orders which looked like this for me:

Subtotal:  $74.90
Discount: -$54.95 (this is to sucker you in)
Shipping: FREE  (this seals the deal)
Tax:  $2.25$27.20

Yep, that was it for two pairs of shoes and believe me when I tell you that’s how I felt they were in value as well.  Once you get beyond all of the cute discounts, each pair had to have been some of the worst shoes I’ve ever paid more than $20.00 for and I tried to give them a chance.

The first pair received were the Ingris slingbacks: just no ingriss shoe

They looked like a nice pair of shoes from the photo but as you can see from the ridiculous gaping of the slings, my issues went far beyond comfort issues:

just no

One thing I can say is they did work with me on the return policy though I’d worn these fling backs once before begging for a refund.

So I asked for an exchange item because I was looking for some black heels for work and gave the Robyn a chance:

just no robyn shoeWell, Robyn was definitely a sassy looking pair of shoes but unfortunately came with a wobbly heel.  Not the worst, so I kept this pair but haven’t worn them again because the pleather material just isn’t that fab.

Alas, that second pair of shoes in my buy one, get one free initial order which is called the Vivv.  Maybe it’s me because these aren’t too comfortable either, but at least they’ve been worn more than once and are pretty stylish.

just no vivv

So there you have it – my experience and take on JustFab shoes which is a reminder that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t all that good but to each is own.  If I’m looking for a great deal on a pair of shoes, I’ll stick with my old faithful stores like DSW, Nordstrom rack and even Marshall’s.

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