Charisma Speaks!

Out of My Comfort Zone

My sole pair of sneakers

I hate running.

I don’t know how to run the right way, I don’t breathe right and always find myself  winded all of the times I’ve tried.

I am completely clueless about the rules, formation, everything.

So why in the world would  I join a running club??

Because I’ve secretly wanted the Flo Jo inside of me to be released and I’ve  met a really nice young lady who’s willing to work with me.  Oh, and that trip I have planned for Mexico in a few months here a bikini  is mandatory  helps.

So… Here’s to pushing myself beyond tell sedentary and feeble  attempts on the treadmill over the years.

It’s time to push beyond my comfort level and take yet another task by the horns and kick butt.

Cheers to my first night.

Charisma ~

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