New Business Venture!

I’m super excited to announce that my baby will be here in less than two weeks!!

Okay, well those who know me realize this is a complete farce BUT being able to launch my own business is kind of a big deal.  A really big deal.

Everything Charisma, an online boutique offering some of the most stylish clutch purses and jewelry will be open July 1, 2019.


Small yet functional, stylish clutch purses for every style and purse-onality. If you think one bag fits every occasion, I’m here to convince you and your debit card, this is so not true.

The work bag shouldn’t go with you to the brunch date and the canvas crossbody shouldn’t go with you to the formal dinner celebration.

Everything Charisma is an online boutique offering the very best in quality clutches, hand picked and at an incredible price point.

Best of all? I will be serving up some all-star level customer service to ensure your experience shopping my selections makes you as happy as your product.


Ummm… does a woman ever really need a reason to buy another purse, or shop in general? Nope, but my brand and vision is based on providing a smaller purse and other statement accessories that fit the motto of “less, but more”.

You can carry less (cue photo of handbag that typically weighs 5 lbs or more), yet make more of a statement.

Gone are the days where we need to pay high dollar figures for luxury designers bags simply because it’s “known” better.  How about making a statement with your bag just because it looks cute as hell?

As for the statement pieces, the same motto applies.  All it takes is one necklace that reminds you of a Beyonce-ish video moment or a pair of earrings that can take a basic tee and jeans to viola.  Loose the clutter but ELEVATE YOUR STYLE!


In case you missed it, the official website for Everything Charisma goes live on Monday, July 1st.

I’m excitedly nervous and thankful for the friends who listened to my ideas and venting sessions and offered tons of support.  But (in my Grammy acceptance voice) none of this would be possible without the help of…. Google.

Seriously, the information highway could literally walk someone through open heart surgery.

There has been a ton of work and effort put into my business venture and I assure you- I aim to please.

So cheers to beautiful accessories you’re going to love!

T-minus eleven days. 😁


Everything Charisma
Telephone: (562) 444-8748
Instagram: everythingcharisma
Facebook: Everything Charisma
Pinterest: EverythingCharisma


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