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An interesting thing happened when I moved from my tiny apartment rental and purchased my first piece of property (a condo) –  my creative juices suddenly started to flow!

Suddenly the desire to make or fix things became more interesting to me instead of going to a store and buying it,  or perhaps its been more of that you-now-have-a-mortgage feeling.  Whichever the case, I’ve been seriously looking at certain purchases as being frivolous if these same items can be made for significantly less and more specific to my liking.

With all of that being said, curtains ended up being my second DIY project and here’s my story…

Can’t find it, Make it!

When it comes to those quirky and hard to find items (yellow curtains without a pattern aren’t that common), my motto has changed from that of go online and search for hours to go find the materials and make it!  So begins my first do it yourself project:  blackout rod pocket panels.

Curtain Style and Color

My bedroom walls are gray with white ceilings/trim, the carpet (for now) is a light brown and there is a ton of natural light coming into the room.  Bright, bright and bright is the color that came to mind so it was a toss up between gold and yellow but with so much of the sun coming in, I also needed a curtain to filter some of it out when not needed.

Yellow won.


Before going shopping for your supplies, you need to determine how long you want your curtains.  I knew I preferred rod pockets over rings and also wanted them to hang closer to the ceiling, so I went shopping with a finished length of 96 inches in mind and here are a few of the supplies needed:

  • 4 yards of yellow fabric (way too much for my 96″ panels, but better more than less)
  • 4 yards of panel backing
  • 2 rolls of hem tape
  • Scissors
  • an iron

Getting to Work

The living room is a great size for just about any project, so I took the yellow fabric and laid it out, took my measurements (about 98″ and included 3″ for the rod pocket fold) then started cutting.  I did the same for the blackout material, but made it a couple of inches (about 4 on each end) shorter than the curtain fabric.

Once all of the measuring and cutting is done, I laid the blackout backing about 4 inches below the fold of the top portion.

Here’s where those stick pins come in handy:

Next, I simply applied pieces of the hem tape within the folds and with my iron on a medium to high setting, went over the fabric until I had some pretty sharp creases. The hem tape works like glue and if your temperature is right, within a matter of seconds you’ll be done with each area.

There were only one or two areas of the curtains that needed a new piece of hem tape but otherwise, everything went off without a hitch.

A few finishing touches to the top portion for the rod and that bottom hem…

 Drum rolls please for the FINISHED product!

Here are a few video clips showing me at work:


Not bad for an amateur, right? The instructions for this project from Pinterest were pretty straight forward and the only thing I’d change for the next curtains would be towards the bottom (they don’t really “fall” towards the floor the way I would like).

Until next time!




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