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Day Tripping – Los Angeles Garment & Art District

Hey there!

A trip to pick up a few pieces of fabric turned into a day trip in L.A.

Whenever I say I’m tired of California I’m reminded of just how MUCH culture we have here and for years, the art district has been one of those “I’ll check it out one day” so finally – I had time.

How relaxing is it to be on your own schedule?  To be able to stroll around leisurely, popping into any and every garment shop to check out the different types of fabrics, unique trinkets to make just about anything your mind can come up with and then drive just a few blocks east into the pocket of L.A. where artists can do their thing.

The stories being told through different forms of media from water colors to acrylic paints, newspaper and even metals.  Art is truly amazing so check out my daytripping moments captured through the lens of a Samsung Galaxy S7.

Oh and for the Permit Patties of the world – Angelinos don’t give a damn about those food not having permits because the sinful goodness like the yummy fruit cups sprinkled with Tajin and jumbo sized hot dogs slathered in onions and peppers is all we care about.  This is the California lifestyle.




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