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Day 7- Teaching Racism Through Cartoons

It is well-understood that children are very impressionable so if you want a message to stay in their young minds, what better way is there other than to put the message in a cartoon – especially if they are racist messages.

Welcome to Day 7 and the topic of the racist cartoons that led to the name The Censored Eleven.

This was the name created for a group of Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies cartoons that were created by Warner Brothers.  These cartoons ran for several years before being banned from the air and syndication in 1968 because of the use of racist stereotypes towards several groups in the cartoons, but especially aimed at blacks.

We just couldn’t catch a break.

As if it wasn’t bad enough dealing with the struggles of the times, we had to deal with the next generation of young children being targeted with these cartoons and who were being groomed to adopt the same racist mindset.

Have you seen Jay-Z’s latest video, “The Story of OJ”?

While it has a few choice words (pardon the language) and some references do other groups such as Jews, the video is perfect because it plays on America’s history of racist cartoons.

You can check out the video here:


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