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Day 4 – Blacks and Christianity

Let me start this post reiterating that black history is more than just slavery.

Yet considering how much our ancestors lost and all that was destroyed as a result of slavery, it is important to understand that nearly everything is inner connected and is the result of our past.  Like the introduction of  Christianity to our ancestors while enslaved.

Religion is a very sensitive subject and even moreso within our community so the question is this- has it really been beneficial or detrimental?

For those who have seen “Birth of a Nation” do you remember those not so subtle hints?  Nat Turner served as the slave minister and was given an “off campus” pass to go off and share the word? Did you notice how he had only been taught certain parts of the Bible? And remember his purpose was to “calm” the slaves down?

The mindset that blacks NEEDED Christianity is what led to a slave owner named James Colcock-Jones to write “How to Make a Negro Christian”.  He developed a system to make slaves more submissive through religion,  making them more submissive.

He said Christianity  (the version that said slavery was okay, of course) was needed due to “their ignorance and general lack of character…”, and “they are totally dependent on white men for the ability to overcome these limitations….”

Finding this book was a disturbingly fascinating and here’s a link where you can check it out in it’s entirety here.



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