Day 28- So Now What?

Today marks the official end of Black History Month and let me tell you, this has been really interesting this time around.

While initially it seemed as if we only had the same heroes to celebrate and same stories to tell, I pushed myself to find content that was fairly new or rarely talked about. There were moments where I was so proud, having been reminded of the many accomplishments. We are artists, inventors, scholars, business professionals, and most importantly we are survivors.

For the 28 days in the month, there was a lot crammed into these posts, but there’s so much more I wanted to sh Like the basics; did anyone know why BHM was celebrated in February?  This month was chosen to acknowledge famous abolitionist Frederick Douglas and former president and slavery sympathizer, Abraham Lincoln, both who were born in February.

I didn’t have time to dig into the issue of colorism and the brown paper bag test.  There was no time to discuss privilege, or health disparities being part of  socioeconomic racism, and certainly no time for discussion of self-hatred, or whether the label “Black” was unacceptable but African-American is.  Blacks are an intricate and complicated group of people, but our history is abundant.

I can’t say I’ll continue sharing posts every other day or week, but just know that Black History Month doesn’t end with February 28th.






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