Day 26- Who’s the Black Man on the $2 Bill?

I just came across a photo on Instagram showing a $2 dollar bill and the caption read “First black U.S. President.  Stay woke!”

Say what?!?

Is this why the bill is so limited and many of us treat then like our lucky rabbit foot? I’m not so sure.

First of all, I never even noticed there was a black man on the back of the bill and secondly the Internet needs to chill- we know who the first black president was and that would be one Hussein Barack Obama.  But now I’m curious when I grabbed one and took a closer look.  Who was he?

If I believed what I read in the comments section of that post and looked up the Man behind the hashtag, I might believe this to be true.  Supposedly the man was John Hanson (sometimes spelled Hansen), and was President of the Constitutional Congress which isn’t exactly of the United States.  Conspiracy theorists say the bill was limited in production because a black man was on it and being in a position of power during that time (1776 when the Declaration of Independence was being drawn up), was very controversial.

“The man who’s assumed Black is not Black on the U.S. $2 dollar bill, but is an white man who was the senator of Pennsylvania Robert Morris, who was a financier..”

Then on the other side you have those saying the man in the picture wasn’t black at all and that it was just poor quality photograph.  Since I’m not Not one to roll with the first explanation I read, I tried doing a little digging to find this out. After searching through the Federal Reserve hits and any other sites about U.S. currency, I got nothing.  I haven’t been able to find anything “official” to explain who the black man is OR any mention of the other people in the picture.  Yet after that portrait every other denomination printed either had the capitol or the White House as the back image. Each and every one.

I don’t know about this one but I’m including this in my black history post anyway.  Mystery and all.





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