Day 12 – Can We Celebrate the Modern Heroes As Well?

While narrowing down the topics for today’s post I realized something rather disturbing about black history. After pages and pages of internet browsing I found a common theme – We (people writing, sharing and celebrating our history) seem to be stuck in time.

While black men and women made great contributions to American society throughout the 20th century in civil rights, science, arts and entertainment, we certainly didn’t stop after the 1960’s. Which is why I found it was that the majority of the information out there doesn’t recognize our modern day heroes and accomplishments.

Yes, yes- many of us love Barack Obama and hell yes, even more love the black girl magic that Oprah brings, and I love some Beyonce’, WHY is she listed so often as being an influential leader?

Now I’m certainly not going to deny the obvious – our ancestors overcame and accomplished a LOT during those post -slavery years. So what happened to us after about the 70s or later?

Did we really fall off or are our accomplishments not that significant because they aren’t helping the masses, solving a problem or curing a disease? Aren’t we more than music, basketball and film?

There are many more blacks (or the politically correct label, African-Americans) worthy of recognition. Our modern day scientists, pioneers, and activists deserve higher rankings in those Google searches!

So for today let me just shout out a couple of pioneers of the trade worth of mention and worthy of being celebrated as the modern day black heroes such as…

Forest Whitaker – Actor, producer, director, Oscar winner.

Vernice Arnour –¬†Former Marine Corps officer, first Black female aviator,
and first black female combat pilot.



Dr. Patricia Bath – inventor, doctor, educator.
First black to complete a residency in ophthalmology and first black female
doctor to receive a medical patent. She invented the Laserphaco Probe for cataract treatment.

James McLurkin –¬†Inventor of the world’s smallest
self-contained autonomous robot.

Never forget – our ability to be innovative has continued and is still very much worthy of mention.


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