Challenge Complete!

Just over a month ago a co-worker and I were chatting about how rough life had been this year (only being March) and she suggested we try the 30 Days of Happiness Challenge.  Initially, I scoffed at the idea of any kind of challenge after having survived a fitness boot camp last year and when looking at some of the things we had to do, rolled my eyes are far back into my head as they could go.

But I did it.

Out of the thirty challenges presented, guess which was the most difficult for me to do and it happened to be on the first day?  No social media day.

If you’re like me, social media is your go to source for the latest news, celebrity gossip, stylish trends and especially the one that gets me through any day – hilarious memes but it was harder than I’d like to admit.  For some reason, if I wasn’t checking on those Instagram notifications or Facebook messenger pop ups it felt like there was so much of the world being missed.  I’m that person who sighs in annoyance whenever someone has to make the dramatic “taking a break from social media” post as I joke how boring their life must be if it’s being consumed that much online.  Uh… yeah.  Hand raiser here.

Aside from the daily tasks that seemed annoying and a few that were simply impossible (I live nowhere near a lake) I must say, this challenge was pretty enjoyable.  The realization that I needed to take more time for myself was the major takeaway here and, anything that pushes you to try something different or pushes you out of your comfort zone is oftentimes, a welcomed change.

Interested in giving it a try?  Here it is.




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