• Day Tripping – Los Angeles Garment & Art District

    Hey there! A trip to pick up a few pieces of fabric turned into a day trip in L.A. Whenever I say I’m tired of California I’m reminded of just how MUCH culture we have here and for years, the art district has been one of those “I’ll check it out one day” so finally – I had time. How relaxing is it to be on your own schedule?  To be able to stroll around leisurely, popping into any and every garment shop to check out the different types of fabrics, unique trinkets to make just about anything your mind can come up with and then drive just a few…

  • Parking Relief for the LBC!

    Anyone who lives in Long Beach and has to park on the streets should he jumping for joy reading this story about planned improvements for one of our biggest pains living in the city. Parking SUCKS  and it is a royal pain fighting with your neighbors for the same spots the night before or morning of and heaven forbid it be a day for street sweeping. Yay  LBC! #smartmove #cityoflongbeach #parkingwoes Charisma