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Day 27- How Do We Explain This Kind of Cruelty?

**WARNING** This post contains graphic details. It’s a story that will once again bring up the dark side of American History and the horribly gruesome slaughter of a (9 months) pregnant, married and mother of two woman named Mary Turner. Here is how it all began… From May 17 through May 22, 1918, two counties …

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Day 25- Seneca Village Was Destroyed to Make Way for the Wealthy’s Nice Playground

In the mid 19th century, New York decided a park was needed to appease the needs of a largely affluent group of people that were in need of a “fashionable and safe public place” for their families.  So in 1855, the city chose Seneca Village, a stretch of land along the Hudson River located between 82nd …

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Day 23 – Tracy Norman, First Black Transgender Model

Today’s black history post has to do with a different kind of “passing”. Welcome to Day 23! Born a male in the 50’s, transitioned into a woman during the 70’s, and became a successful model until being outed during a photo shoot in 1980, bringing her career to a halt.  Tracy Gayle Norman was born a …