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Day 3- More Than “Just Hair”


I know what you’re thinking when you see this photo, what kind of a narcissist includes herself when posting about Black History Month?


Every woman can relate to the pride and struggles and how we feel when it isn’t acting right, thinking or falling out, the texture is off etc… That is something we all have in common.

Yet as with many other things, we seem to get dealt the harsher blows when it comes to our crops.

Our hair IS black history.

The first photo was taken 10/11/16 When I decided I would NOT give alopecia pleasure the of having me just sit back and watch as all of my hair began to gradually fall out.  Seeing that would have been devastating to my psyche and confidence. So with a pair of  scissors and some inexpensive clippers from Walmart, I took control and went to work.

This second photo is from today, 2/3/18 and is significant because it’s the first time in over a year I’ve been able to rock a high bun.

Now I won’t lie, I had some help with a process involving my good friends (left over extensions), Pro Styl gel and some magic spray called Jerome Russell (for some spots the alopecia snatched away).  But I did it!

We will find a way if it involves most things but especially hair.  Why do you think there are so many pages and You Tubers offering tutorials?

The hair journeys for my sisters are historical, generational, controversial, and even political.  So I’m celebrating the day sharing my story and man oh man do I have some stories to tell.  From the cornrows as a child (Sorry Kim Kardashian, they ain’t ‘Bo Derek braids’) to the cream crack/relaxers, to my first time having my braids dipped to those “it’s just heat” pressing comb burns.

Our hair is history and also a big deal in business.  Considering how we generate over $7 billion dollars for products alone (not to mention hair weaves/wigs) meana it’s kind of a big deal.  So there you have it – my personal twist on day 3 and yes, it’s definitely more than “just hair”.


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