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Day 20- Revolutionary Poet, Musician, Rapper, and Activist. Gil Scott-Heron

Welcome to Day 20! I tried a little something different for today’s post honoring the late Gil Scott-Heron but the music rights (“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”) muted the background music, so a slideshow it is. Enjoy this little montage telling you a little about a man who wrote poetry and music about his …

Charisma Speaks!

Day 18: Escape to Canada- Shadrach Minkins

If you relied solely on what is being taught in schools about Black history or what you can easily find on the internet, you would think Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, and Robert Smalls were the only “significant” escaped slaves.  Everyone who escaped and survived is significant but there was one who had an interesting story …

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Day 13 – Too Black, Too Strong and Most Often, Misunderstood – The Black Panther Party

What comes to mind when you hear about the Black Panthers? Do you envision Afros, all black, leather jackets and berets, gangsters, intimidation, black power, radicalism, rifle toting men and women, violence, extremist, OR or do you think about what the intended mission was for this revolutionary party and consider why the government was determined …

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Day 12 – Can We Celebrate the Modern Heroes As Well?

While narrowing down the topics for today’s post I realized something rather disturbing about black history. After pages and pages of internet browsing I found a common theme – We (people writing, sharing and celebrating our history) seem to be stuck in time. While black men and women made great contributions to American society throughout …

Charisma Speaks!

Day 11 – Augustus Washington, Black Daguerreotypist

Day 11 – Meet Augustus Washington, one of America’s first black photographers and Daguerreotypist. Augsutus Washington was born in 1820 in Trenton, New Jersey in 1820 to a Black father and Asian mother.  As a young man, he wanted to attend college but lacked the financial resources and decided to try his hand at the …