• Workplace Etiquette

    Sometimes I really dislike the people I work with and feel sorry for their wives, husbands or significant others. Every morning someone (who’s here before 7am) finds it painstakingly difficult to discard their trash. So I took it upon myself to find out how much of my life was interrupted by taking that last step after brewing your coffee- removing the Keurig cup. All of two seconds. That’s it. No more. I wasn’t injured by doing it. I didn’t miss significant time from my shift. No emails were missed. No harm was done. It was really that simple. Charisma

  • Snapchat Trouble

    Who’s at fault – the irresponsible driver or the creator of the Snapchat app that seems to “reward” the driver who increases their vehicle speed? Maybe I just old-fashioned or just plain old, but I think this whole social media craze is out of hand.  There’s just too much of it encouraging people do more of what we don’t need- communicate using a Smartphone app. I stumbled on this interesting story about a lawsuit involving Snapchat filed by a family out of Georgia.  They’re claiming the app makers are responsible for the horrible injuries their love one suffered as a result of a woman using Snapchat while driving. At first…